In English

* GP service: Welcome to the clinic Lægerne Algade 17. We are a GP Practice with 3 doctors and 2 nurses.

Do you need an appointment? Please call tel 46357222 between 9-12 or book here on the web page ("kontakt klinikken")

If you need an acute appointment the same day, please call 46357222 between 8-9. In case of sudden, severe illness we are available 8-16 at 40157222. If  signs of heart disease (chestpain) or apoplexia/brain haemorrage call 112.

We don`t see patients without prior arrangement so please: always call us before you come here.

Friday after 12  the answering machine will direct you to the doctor on call in case of acute need. In case of closure of the clinic due to Holidays etc the answering machine will also direct you to another doctor.

There is up to 5 days delay for answering e-mails, so it can only be used for non-emergencies.

Corona virus: you can call the hotline tel 70204222 or the webpage www.coronasmitte.dk for questions about coronavirus or vaccination. Patients with suspected coronainfection are not allowed in the Clinic, please call 8-9 instead. Please come alone in the clinic to keep the amount of people in the watingroom low, and always wear a mask and follow the normal recommendations.  

* Injuries: Before going to the Emergency room (closest:" Roskilde Skadestue")  with fractures or other injuries (less than 24 hours old) you have to call 70150708

* Out-of-hours: Between 16-8 and  holidays and weekends you can call the GP on call/"Lægevagt" at 70150700 (after the 1st of october the number is 1818)

*Ambulance:  In case of sudden severe life-threatening symptoms like cardiac arrest or sign of heart disease (chest pain,  acute respiratory failure) or similar conditions the ambulance can be called at 112.

 Region Hovedstaden: If you live outside Region Sjælland, for instance in Hedehusene or Taastrup, you should call 1813 for acute help out-of-hours 16-08 and  for injuries all hours.